Tiny House – Port Alberni

The plans include (from their website)


Title Page with:
•Drawing Index
•Building Data (Square Feet, Heat Source, etc.)
•Engineering Design Criteria (the roof, dead load and live load calculations)
•Symbol Legend and Abbreviation List for plan reading clarity

Building Elevations with:

•Siding and window conceptual finishes
•Detail Marker Locations
•Section Markers

Fully Dimensioned Floor Plan and Loft Plan:

•Overall Layout
•Header Size and Location Call Outs
•Window and door placement
•Engineered bolt/hold down locations
•Building Section Call Outs
•Construction Detail Call Outs
•Key/Index Notes
•General Construction Notes

Door Schedule:

•Rough Opening
•Jamb Size

Window Schedule:


Electrical Plan:

•Switch and Plug Locations
•Switch Leg Design/Notation
•Electrical Panel Location

Wall to Floor Connection Details

Wheel Well Construction Details

Loft Floor to Wall Construction Details

Building Sections with Detail Call Outs and Elevations for:

•Loft Floor

Interior Elevations

Stair Construction Details

Tie Down/Anchor Details

Trailer Frame Overview

Loft Floor Framing Plan

Roof Detail Sections:

•Frame Elements
•Interior Finish
•Required Engineer Strapping and Nail Locations

Construction Details Showing for the following details:

•Interior Finish
•Flashing Elements
•Overall Construction Detailing

Window Header Details

Window Jamb Details

Window Sill Details

Door Header Details

Door Jamb Details

Door Sill Details

Plans Stamped by Engineer:

•Engineered Trailer Design
•Calculated Wind Loads
•Nearly 30 Specific Engineering Design Parameters
•Foundation Design for Engineer Recommended Anchor Points (when parked long term)
•70 Page Structural Engineering Calculation Book Available on Request

It would be delivered to Port Alberni, BC.

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Do you supply MagO SIPs? If I supply you with architectural plans can you give me a quote on a home built with MagO SIPs?

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