Magnesium Oxide Cement Association


MOCA is the global industry association for companies involved in magnesium-oxide based ceramic cement building products.  MOCA was registered in 2014 and held its first international conference in Vancouver, September 2015, which was attended by delegates from Canada, USA and China.

MOCA has an exclusive, reciprocal agreement with CMMA, the China Magnesite Materials Association.  CMMA is the official Government mandated industry association in China.  MOCA and CMMA cooperative on a range of projects focused on improving the consistency and quality of Chinese made boards and on expanding market awareness for compliant products.

MOCA has 4 main tasks:

  1. Develop current standards. – click here for details
  2. Provide a Quality Assured supply channel for members – click here for details
  3. Engage with related associations to increase awareness and markets for MOCA certified boards – click here for details
  4. Develop Best Practices – click here for details

Membership is open to companies, individuals, related associations and others involved in the magnesium-oxide cement industry.